I was scanning old photographs and reminiscing on my favorite memories with my grandpa. I used to plait his white hair. Tell him to perform his disappearing magic with his denture. Listen to his heartbeat and prescribe an injection. Go ahead to inject him, but with a toothpick.

My friend asked me — Do you actually remember? Or did someone tell you?

The thing about conservatism is that even before ripples start to appear on the surface because they eventually will, there are many attempts to silence the waves, to make for smooth sailing.

We became three.

This is not a discussion on political affiliations, lifestyle choices, or religious extremism. …

1. We were three for ten years before my brother came along. But that is a story for another day. I thought we were going to be three forever.

Prophecies loom in every photograph I look at and looms large in my heart. The white headdresses on the couch in…


creator. curator. lover of ice-cream and Star Trek 🖖🏾 I write about photographs on this corner of the internet.

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